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2006 crossmax xl's

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ive been offered a set of the aboe for a very good price but looking at the reviews they have on this site i'm a bit concerned about the rear hub, are they really that bad !! or is it just a case of people jumping on the bandwagon because a few have had issues ?

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hubs are fine as long as you do the routine maint. once you know how it takes about 5 mins.
E bay item # 330389073745 Hub Doctor Ceramic bearing upgrade To replace the bushing. I have this on my mavic crossmax xl disc. My hub was worn and and had a lot of play now its all tight.
i have no issues at all owning them..they are bomb proof!
wheels are on thier way as is the ceramic bush upgrade , thanks for the heads up 606cyn
I have a set of crossmax's and I think they are a pretty solid design. I do agree that the R hub should be a bit more robust. But they are very easy to work on. There are some youtube videos you can watch before you crack them open. keep the rear hub clean and lubed and you shouldn't have any problems.
I bought mine new in 05 and are well used. Moab three times. Downievill 5 times. Fruita once and countless miles at home and still going strong. In the summer I put slicks on and comute to work. Crossmax's just last.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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