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Okay, I know that most riders are busy planning their holiday feast right now, yet the good folks at the BTCEB need you to plan a bit further ahead.

Hello good people,
I'm emailing all of you, because at some point in the past few months, you told me (or I assumed for a couple of you) that you would be willing to lead a couple of BTCEB weekend group rides in 2006. We are putting together an entire '06 weekend group ride schedule to promote membership, teach our membership about the variety of parks, and of course have fun. In the past, we have not had enough weekend group rides. If each of you volunteer to lead two rides, we will be well on our way to filling out the '06 riding schedule (this calendar will include the series of "Save Mt. Diablo Rides" also). So, I ask that each of you reply to me (christowles2002 AT yahoo DOT com) and fill out the information that appears below (assuming you're still interested). Please, take a few minutes to block out a couple of weekend dates (between 4/1/06 and 10/30/06), and email me back. The sooner we get this up the better.

Please note. . . "intermediate" means pretty easy. . . not beginner. . .but a pretty mellow ride. Anything 15 miles or more. . . with lots of climbing. . . or some pretty technical singletrack should be considered "advanced" even if you think it's not that tough of a ride (error on the conservative side). Hopefully, some of you are willing to do an "intermediate" ride. Meeting times, locations, and ride descriptions will be requested from you once we get the dates up, and get a little closer to the season. Thanks so much for participating! p.s. As a rule, please make one (or both) of your rides an east bay location. . . the second ride can be anywhere, i.e. more of a destination location (i.e. Coe, Annadel, Marin, Nisene Marks, Wilder, maybe even Auburn).

Date of ride 1:
Location of ride 1:
difficulty of ride 1 (intermediate or advanced):
Date of ride 2:
Location or ride 2
difficulty of ride 2 (intermediate or advanced):

Please feel free to describe in as much detail as you deem necessary (mileage, climbing, etc.).
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