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Hi all,

I read the QR 360 thread but it mostly covered putting a 360 on a Pike and lots of pics of er...erect maxles. :p

As good as the Rock Shox QR maxle is, I can't believe how equally bad the DH version is. Steel axle + aluminum nut + 40 in-lbs. = stripped aluminum threads. :rolleyes:

I'm looking to put a 2006 Boxxer Ride QR Maxle into a 2006 Boxxer Race which came with the "DH bolt on" maxle. RS claims they are not interchangable but I have a hard time believing the lowers on the 2 forks are different, and I feel the odds of a spring loaded compression nut flying out into the woods is a lot more likely than any accidental QR lever release.

Anyone tried this?

Thanks for any info!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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