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2006 66 any out there?

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Has anyone tried any of the new 66's out.. I'm looking for a new 6" SC tavel fork and thinkin' between a fox 36 or 'zokes new 66. My LBS dosen't have any on bikes yet, so I cant test her out. Any help would be great.
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I have the 06 66 LIGHT ETA, 170mm travel version. I don't know anything about the Fox, so can't make any comparisons. But I love the 66. If you have more specific questions I can address them in greater detail.
'fiend, does your 66 have travel adjustment on it ? are they like the z-150sl's ? any info would help. thanks.
Travel adjust.

cmeride said:
'fiend, does your 66 have travel adjustment on it ? are they like the z-150sl's ? any info would help. thanks.
I was looking at the specs in a catalog today on the three 66 forks. If I recall none of them had travel adjust in the traditional sense. The SL uses the negative air chamber to draw the fork down to 150-170mm as you desire. I understand that it works pretty darned good, but I guess it's not a "wind down" type of reduction like the AM1 or some other models/brands. The 66 Light and SL both sound pretty impressive without being horribly heavy.

I'm using a Van 36 on a Bullit and plan to put it on a Nomad in the future. It's a super stout and plush fork without having a diving tendancy. It gets all of its 6.3" of travel. They don't have any travel adjust, but I've never really used any of that on my many past forks that were equipped with it.
No travel adjust in the sense of, say, going from 170mm to 150mm with the flip of a lever. I don't think any of the 66 models have this, although it sounds like maybe you could get a bit of travel adjust functionality by adjusting the negative air on the 66 SL.

The 66 LIGHT has the ETA, which reduces travel from 170mm to about 30mm and holds the fork down in a compressed state. This mode is really just for climbing, fireroading, etc. It's not really a travel adjust. Once the trail turns downhill, you turn off the ETA, the fork expands back to full height, and you have your 170mm again. The ETA is really the main reason to buy this model in the 66 line. If you're not going to do much climbing, you should look at one of the other 66 models.

My 66 is very plush, but I noticed rebound gets a bit slower in colder temps. The fork is also very stiff. It's definitely been a great addition to my B
hey, thanks guys for all your info. it was much appreciated ! I just put down on the 66 ETA today ! Coming from a Maverick DUC, it's going to be sweet. So if anyone wants a Maverick with a 819 laced to it, I'm selling it for 600.00 . Thanks for everything ! :D
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