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Came across an 05 reign on CL for only $500. After reading a lot of reviews it seems like it was (and still may be) a solid all mountain kind of bike. I recently sold my last bike, an 06 fuji thrill lt 1.0, because it was too small and I felt like I was pushing it to its limits, but couldn't justify building it up because the size was off for me. So this reign is an XL, and at 6'3", 34" inseam, 190lbs, should fit alright. But, it's 4 hours away. Is it even worth the drive to check out? For $500 I could justify replacing parts if needed (read a lot about issues with the bearings). Here is the ad from CL:

This bike is a true all-mountain bike! It is built up strong and powerful for downhill riding, but also efficient and lightly enough for cross country. Six inches of travel in front and rear makes the bike feel cushy, stable, and safe. While it is well used, the bike has been well maintained and is still in good working condition. The only issue is that the fork could benefit from a rebuild (it has a very slow leak). Also, please note that I have changed the stem to a Ritchey 85mm stem since the pictures were taken. I am truly sad to see the go, but you should be happy to welcome it!

• Marzocchi All Mountain 1 Fork with RC2 upgrade
• Manitou Swinger 3-way Rear Shock
- SPV (stable platform valve) absorbs all the big hits while increasing pedaling efficiency over small bumps
• Avid BB7 Disc Brakes (8" rotor in front, 6" in back)
• Intense SR Comp 2.25" front tire
• Kenda Telonix 2.4" back tire
• Mavic 321 Rims front and back
• Marzocchi front hub
• Shimano XT rear hub
• SRAM X7 Rear Derailleur
• Shimano XT Front Derailleur
• SRAM X7 Shifters
• Race Face Evolve DH crankset (with bash guard)
• Race Face Evolve riser handlebars
• Ritchey Stem 85mm (not pictured)
• WTB Speed V saddle
• Twofortythree Seatpost (330 mm long, 27.2 mm
• 2 x 9 drivetrain
• Plastic pedals (placeholders)
• Lock on grips

I ride a mix of everything, nothing too crazy as far as XC or DH is concerned. I ride trails with climbing followed by moderate-technical downhill, but I also ride resorts a couple times a year with rocks, logs, small-medium drops. Want to get more into that kind of riding.
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