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Hi there,
Its good to see a couple of these lovely Raleigh bikes still knocking around! I think I might have the only one in Ireland, which is nice!

My current setup:
I use the bike more for DH/FR and currently have a 24" wheel on the back and a 7" Boxxer running on the front. The rear is currently set to 6".
The 24" wheel is not going to switched for a 26", as I really can't shift the bike with that geometry.

Anyway, my questions are:
Does anyone know if this will put too much stress on the frame in its current setup?
I am looking to put an old 7" Monster T on instead of the Boxxer, but is the frame strong enough to cope with the weight/angles?
Does it matter if the rear is running at 6" or 7" with the 24" wheel and the 7" fork?

Thanks for your answers in advance, I'll gladly answer anymore questions.
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