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This is a cross post from a thread I started in the Drivetrain forum (

I did a search and nothing came up, if there is something out there, please excuse my poor seaching skillz...

So, I'm looking for a new chain-guide for my 2005 Norco A-Line. Only problem is, I can't figure out if it has ISCG or ISCG 05 tabs. Does anyone know?

Or... if you can find a phone number at Norco for me, that'd be cool too, because it too is elusive... (why do companies not want us to contact them?!?!?!)

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I'd suggest measuring between the bolt holes as well.

Roughly the measurement between holes for ISCG-OLD is 1.8" and the measurement between holes for ISCG-05 is 2.2"

Some of the later model year Norco's had BOTH style tabs...just so you know.

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