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2005 Kona The King Geometry question

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Have seen a Kona The King ad says 2005 in red and silver, size 19" inches. Is this bike a 2005, everytone I've seen from this year was blue and silver. I can't find any info on the geometry of this bike. Especially standover.Any help appreciated.
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I'd say earlier. The 2004 (silver with blue decals) has a different bottom bracket junction (less beefy) - it's in the back of the printed catalogue. May be worth asking over on - I got an almost instant reply when trying to ID my Dudu frame.
the frame pictured (at sellwood cycles, right?). is a 2005 kona the king, with 2.5 inches of travel. it's the same frame as a 2006 leroi, and almost the same as a 2006 kona king supreme (the cf ss is the only difference).

i have an old 2006 catalog with geo charts, the essentials:


23.5" TT
5.1" HT
30.8" standover

Will take either an 80mm or 100mm fork, although if you snoop around for reviews on the 06 king supreme (2.5" rear/100mm front stock), some people said it was unbalanced.
31.2" in. standover there is the rub. Literally! 6'2" tall w/ 30" in legs. Looking for a Kona full-squish w/out breaking the bank and the wife kickin my "A"! Have a Rockshox Revelation currently set up for 120 mm travel. Gettin older and my hardtail is just too brutal in lower range of Colorado. Thanks for everyone's input and yes cjn1014 that is at Sellwoods.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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