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2005 Hardrock or 2006 Rockhopper

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2005 Hardrock Sport Disc for $350 or 2006 Rockhopper for $520? I know the rockhopper has a lighter frame but what about all the components, how do they compare? Is the tradeoff of having disc brakes vs lighter frame worth it? I don't mind upgrading down the road as long as the bike lasts at least year in its current state. I will be riding trails and street in SoCal. Thanks for any suggestions.
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which bike

go with the rockhopper, the parts are the next level up from the hardrock. the disc brakes are very basic on that bike and i dont think they have any adjustability. the fork on the rockhopper is much better to. if you do any off roading the rockhopper will be much better, it weights like 3 lbs less as well.

Rockhopper all the way. I've owned both bikes and am now riding an '05 RH.
Better components and lighter frame also 32 Holed rim vs. 36 (lighter).

If you want a Hardtail bruiser - go with the Hardrock. Heavier, but a bit more solid.

If you want an XC bike - go with the Rockhopper. Better bike to upgrade down the road as well.
I really really don't like the Hardrock. Thus my vote is for Rockhopper.
Getting back into riding after moving out here on the left coast I just bought a base 06 Rockhopper... I absolutely love it. It's a pleasure to ride and the matte black is super nice looking (and easy to keep clean-ish looking). The only component that feels cheap is are the pedals, but I'll be replacing them with some 50/50's ASAP. The rims (Sun CR18s) aren't as burly as I'd like, but so far I haven't outgrown them. I figure that by the time I break one I'll be ready to upgrade to disc brakes anyway (the fork & frame are ready)...

Also, don't let that $520 price fool you. My LBS had mine for $470- plus gave me 10% off for living in the neighborhood. My wife was so impressed with what I got that I'm taking her next payday to pick up one of the (purple) ladies models.

All in all, I'm super happy with my purchase...
Thanks for the suggestions. I am pretty sure I am going to get a rockhopper basic unless I discover a deal on a last years model bike. I have parking lot tested a few and the rockhopper felt the best but that GF Genesis geometry felt good also. I can't find a 19" 06 Rockhopper anywhere :mad: so I am probably going to get an 07 next week. The bike shop I went to after work (Rock & Road Cyclery in Anaheim, corner of Imperial Hwy & Santa Ana Canyon) said they are getting some 07's in a couple of days. They said same price ($460) and the only differences are the colors and graphics.:???:
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