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I also posted this on the GT forum. So for those of you who visit both forums, my apologies. I am just very confused right now and have been without this ride for about a month. Although I do have to admit I am kind of enjoying getting to know my hard tail.

I have a 2005 GT Idrive 5 2.0 that I have been riding for 3 years now. Something has happened to the rear shock. It is a Fox Float R. A decent enough shock I guess. I have no idea though as this is my first FS bike.

The shock does not extend as far as it used to and when I sit on the bike it bottoms out. I have checked the air pressure and its fine. Around 250 lbs. I am trying to do more of the maintenance on my bikes now days and need some help here. This is completely new territory for me.

First of all would it be better to have this shock fixed/rebuilt or should I buy a new one.

If I buy a new one how does one go about choosing a good shock and how do I know what size will fit this bike? I can't seem to find any info on sizing a shock for this bike. I don't mind spending a little extra for extra quality/function either. I am doing some research on shocks but, man, how confusing is that.

Any ideas or advice?

Thank you!
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