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Well, I have always been a diehard hardtail guy, but I decided to take the leap and got an Ellsworth Truth. I decided I wanted to try this Fox terralogic thing just to see how it worked. The concept sounded good and I could sell it for what I paid for it and not loose out. And to let you all know, I have never been nothing of a techno/weight weenie, but absolutly love something that can make a true difference in my riding, (like SPD pedals, and the first rockshox did). So I left all the knobs alone and set the fork and rear shock at the appropreate air pressure and hit the trail. My biggest fear of this thing was that it was going to have trouble distinguishing trail and rider input, as well as not responding "naturally" when I wanted to bounce the front end to get it over an object. Well to let you all know, this thing absolutely sucks.................... up anything and everything I threw at it!!! I could not stop giggling (seriously). It took big hits as well as small hits flawlessly, and still climbed like a scalded monkey. I could bounce it over things much better than with a conventional suspension fork, and not to mention my favorite thing........... NO FRONT END DIVING when braking! I could desend better and faster using the front brake more than usual. This thing is well worth the money spent. All I need to do now is dial it and the rear fox in a little better and I'll be set!
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