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I know there are a ton of factors when it comes to frame longevity. However, I ask this question because I am hoping I get one more season out of this frame. So, here are its stats:

- Built out 9/2005
- Ridden every year. If I had to average over the past 5 1/2 years how ofter ridden, probably 1 day a week from 2 to 4 hour rides. This is average. Some weeks I would get 4 rides in. And, some months I would go without riding because of work or weather. Split times with road bike and Jamis Dakar XLT when Blur would be down.
- Ridden XC and All-Mountain. 2 to 3 foot drop at the max. When out riding out West, a little more
- 160lb rider with full gear
- Upgrades and replacement. Mavic UST's, XTR Crankset, X9 shifters/der
- Frame no cracks and still looks great. some chips from rocks, but nothing that would cause a failure. And, it is still pretty stiff.

I am saving to get a Blur LT Carbon after riding one last year. And, I want it be completely pimped out. I thought about just getting frame and transferring parts but it would not work with Fork and wheelset combo I have now. Plus, I really want to go 2x10.

Anyway, I took it out today it still rides great. I appreciate any opinions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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