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Ok I have waited over 6 weeks for my 04 Sherman Slider + 170mm DC forks to
come in. I ordered from my LBS and he ordered through SCruz. I guess SCruz is as slow delivering parts as they are frames :-(

Well he did order the right forks but...

What came in was a top crown for the Slider plus AND a 05 Sherman firefly
with the new SPV evolve 110-150mm travel, 1-1/8" steerer tube.

The bottom crown to axel distance is the same as my 02 Jr T 170mm and since
it has the travel adjustment to 110mm on the fly for climbing I went for it.

So... my question is this.

The new 05 manual lists the firefly with the 1-1/8" steerer comes in 150mm
and 170mm. Anyone know if I can change mine to 170mm?

I plan to sell my 02 Jr T's and maybe these forks too after a couple rides
so I have left the steerer uncut if anyone is interested
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