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I'm a noob to DH/FR but I have done XC for a long time... Recently tried DH/FR and I love it...

So what do you guys think of this bike as my first DH/FR ride... I've overheard that Kona's are super strong but pretty heavy...

so what are your thoughts on this bike... good choice, bad choice, any suggestions

bike is still for sale


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1200 is a good deal. You get all the stock parts as well as stated: "*Also comes with stock bars, stem, fork, wheels+hub, and levers." Looks like he's throwing in his bmx too. How do you figure 1200 is not a good deal?

Of course, I can't tell what kind of shape it's in, but it looks good.

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He should give you an extra discount for all those gold parts he put on the bike. Like 50 bucks off for each one....

It's really least he can do for making you ride a south-central LA pimp-mobile for your first DH rig... :D. Maybe ask if he has any spare Mercedes hood ornaments kickin' around that he could throw in as well (the gold ones, obviously).

OK just kidding. Enjoy getting into the sport (DH...)! :thumbsup:
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