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2004 Slayer - Rear Shock options?

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I want to replace my Float rear shock on my 2004 Slayer. I had it rebuilt once before, but it is acting up again! Guess my "slightly" more than 200 lbs is a little hard on it, although I am not an aggressive rider, and never do any real jumping.

First, can anyone confirm the shock size for my bike, it seems to measure at 7.25 eye to eye, but would like to have that confirmed. Has anyone tried a 7.5 on their Slayer?? Would it fit ok? I would really like to get a Fox DHX-Air shock, but the smallest available is a 7.5".

I would be very happy to have any feedback on shock choices people have tried, good or bad!

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Have you considered sending your Float to Push?
It will be a lot cheaper than buying a DHX.
I have a 2005 Slayer 30, and want to get rid of the float R. I also want to know what the eye to eye is, and what people have... I know we'd both appreciate it.
I'll measure my shock (RP3) when I get home tonight for you guys.
according to my measuring tape, it's 7.25 inches.
Not sure if 7.5 would work or not.
Thanks for the help, I did contact Rocky directly, and they confirmed that 7.25 is the correct eye-to-eye, with 1.75 stroke, and M8 hardware. They wouldn't "recommend" trying a 7.5" on the bike. I am now going to look into sending it to Push, as the last rebuild by Velocycle did hold up to well!
My other option is to try a manitou, they sell both the 3way and 4way in the proper size. Anybody have experience with these shocks??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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