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Hey Guys, I just bought a 2004 SC v10 and I was wondering if anyone can tell me about them. What should I be looking for in the bike? What were their problems? Any history on the 2004V10 would be greatly appreciated...thanks!


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Some things to look for:
-Check suspension linkage bearings and bolt torques, and use loctite for threads. (DO NOT DESPISE THIS)
-I have seen some 1st gen V10s cracked from the weld between seat tube and
reinforcement gusset. Actually I haven't seen any other way cracked older V10s.
-Lower suspension linkage. Check that axle holes are not ovalized (due to the loose axle bolts...)
-older V10 frames are relatively bomb broof, but bearings tend to wear out quickly in bad conditions and that developes some lateral play to suspension linkage. Thought not the most lively frames I have ridden, it takes some effort to keep it in nice flow.

and finally, get Avy DHS rear shock ;)
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