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I'm currently riding an '05 RockHopper, but as I'm a wee bit older (41), I'm looking hard a the Full Suspension thing for an upcoming XC Race. I'd like something quick and light, but I'm not ready to dish out the cash for an Epic or high end Fuel. I have an oppty to pick up a brand spankin' new '04 Fuel 80 at my LBS for $719.00. Good deal?
I'm also trying to find out some more detailed specs on the bike, but Trek's website is worthless. Can anyone tell me how many mm of travel on the Pilot SL fork on that bike? Also other crazy stuff like bottom bracket size, seatpost mm, and downtube mm for Front Derailleur?
Lastly (lots of questions), how's the weight on this bike? After a while, I'd like to be able to upgrade it and get it below 25lbs. or so.

Thanks! :thumbsup:
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