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2002 Specialized Bighit DH, is it good?

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Hi, I have been looking to get a DH bike that will be good for a beginner but will also be able to take the beatings as I progress (and the falls I may take) I don't push myself crazy hard but with time I will go faster and faster. Finding stores that have DH bikes has been tough. I found a store with a 2002 Specialized Bighit DH for a pretty nice price.

The bike I would have like to have gotten was the Iron Horse SGS Pro but I can't find one to try out for sizing anywhere. So will this 02 bighit be a good bike be good for a beginner? (i do have some DH expirence but only on my XC bike)
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I think it will be a fine bike. just pedal it around some and see how it is. as long as you aren't really concerned about weight or bob it will be fine, the two things i mentioned just now are something you will get with almost any bike. so i would say go with the big hit. good luck with the bike.
Try the classifieds

Thats a great bike for a beginner. However, for my first bike, I got a barely used 2002 Intense M1 with a 5th Element shock wih TI spring & Manitou Dorado fork for $2500. This thing was practically new, with the execption of a few scratches. This bike would be worth around $6000+ brand new. It's one of the best DH racers in the industry, if not the best! Look around, There are plenty of deals for practically new top of the line bikes out there. Check out the classifieds on this site, and Ebay is good too. If I would've bought a brand new Big Hit instead, I would've spent another $1500-$3000 in upgrades in the first year, knowing whatI know now. I got lucky and was able to see the bike before i bought it. So, try to buy a bike from someone close to you if you decide to go this route. If you don't allready know what some of the best frames some research on this site. Go Intense, Foes, Santa Cruz, ot Turner in my opinion. Happy shopping! ;)
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or kona maybe rocky mountain. but if you can get the big hit for a good price it's a nice bike.
I can get it in the $2500 price range, less depending on how much the store wants to get it off their hands and how good I am at negotiating it. For a $4300 MSRP I thought it was pretty nice Im also gonna need some armor i figured. Any recomendations there? Mainly on the upper body armor, i was thinkin the sixsixone pressure suit but im not to sure, ill prolly have to try some on. Also I will ahve very little money left over after the bike purchase so cant get the very best.
2002 Big Pimp comp

I got mine 2 years ago and have replaced almost everything (except Wheels & Brakes) as the parts either broke or just plain wore out. Last upgrade I did was Monster Ts and Azonic Ultra Cross handlebars. Spent the last 2 days at Northstar and she worked wonderfully. The Big Hit is probably too heavy to race but for a fun bike that you can abuse and never let you down you can't go wrong. With all the upgrades I have done over the last 2 years if the frame ever brakes, I'm going to just get a V10. I love my Big Hit.
ya,go with a big hit,but i would still look at clasifieds.
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