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2002 KHS DH50 Fetish

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Does anyone know anything about this bike? Is it decent for an average rider?
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KHS bikes are poorly engineered, poorly manufactured and are only an effective way to detract money you could be spending on a better bike. They get by only through making designs that mimic more popular bikes. Don't waste your money. Especially if this is a bike you plan on putting through some abuse. And yes I've ridden one of these frames. Not even the romic they use to try to sell it can mask its poor performance.
ballsout said:
Does anyone know anything about this bike? Is it decent for an average rider?
It's a piece of shite, don't bother.
i actally had a positive experience with my khs, it was the dh100 and not dh50 but they are almost the exact same except for shock mount locations....
it is more of a dh bike than a freerider because it will bob under heavy pedalling, but it was a limousine on the dh for sure. long top tube, and chainstays, very stable at speed. i put mine thru 4 years of abuse before they developed small cracks in the front shock mount plates.....
As a DH50 advocate, I must also post my speil about DH50's.

Here's the quick synopsis:


- Super squishy backend. Nice and progressive as WCH said
- Good head angle for DH

- Heavy as a barge full of garbage.
- Top tube is the goofiest thing to sit on when resting
- A lot of bob when riding up hill, but you get used to compensating for it.

Final Decision: If I had a chance to buy another, I would without question.
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I bought a 03 DH50 frame new and it is a hunk of crap.First ride blew out the fox shock.Sent it in and fox rebuilt it put it back on for the second ride and blew agian.So i bought a used shock to see what the deal was with a different shock and the lower pivot arm cracked and the bolts and bearings cracked.# rides and all shitty.Do not buy.The geomitry on the bike is all jacked.No wonder why they dont make them anymore.
id rather DH on a XC mongoose with 4" front and back than a KHS full on DH feel much safer and confident...

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