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Hi all -

I was hoping to get a little advice. Here's what I got going on:

-I've been shopping for a new mountain bike. I purchased a piece of crap Schwinn Ranger at target about 3 years ago just to see if I enjoyed mountain biking. Turns out I love it :)
-My budget is $350
-This bike would be used exclusively on "mountain bike" type trails - not for pavement or anything like that
-I know that I can't get much "bike" for that money if I look for a new bike
-Because of that fact, I've been searching for used bikes
-I was shopping for a hardtail only because I know that I can't really get a decent full-suspension for the money I can spend (I realize this line alone could open up a whole different thread of conversation)
-For super easy trails I could still use my cheap hardtail
-Anyway: I ran into someone selling a 2002 K2 Launch 5.0 for $300
-I haven't gone to see it yet, but assuming that everything is in good working order, is this a great deal, or should I keep searching?
-I'm not in any real big hurry, but on the surface it seems like a great deal to me, but I don't know much
-When it was new in 2002, it looks like it sold for between $1800-$1900

Here's a link to the specs:

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!

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Welcome to mtbr.

It looks like it was a nice bike back in the day, but buying a full suspension bike that old is fairly risky. K2 was bought by another company, so frame parts might not be available. It might pay to wait for a more recent model to come along.
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