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2001 Hardrock Sport Spec

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Hi All, First post having just bought a Hardrock 2001 frame to build up.

Does anyone have/know where i can get hold of the specification of the 2001 model Hardrock.

I was gonna get a new bike for commuting the 6.5 miles to work and back every day, but happened upon a 2001 frame for £20 on e-bay so i decided to buy it and bring it back to life to save a bit of cash.

Amongst other things it needs a new bottom bracket and i need to know the spec of the standard cartridge so i can replace it?

Doubtless i will have plent more questions over the coming week or so! Build a couple of kit cars over the years but never bult a bike.

Any help would be great. Cheers! :thumbsup:
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