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2000ish Z1 mcr travel adjustment.

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i have an old 2000 or 2001 Z1, on the back, it says it's travel is adjustable from 100-130. i want to drop it to 100 to quicken steering up a little. i checked the online manual on marzocchi's site, and it wasn't much help. any ideas?
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A different manual to the one on the Marzocchi website: 2001-Z1-MCR.pdf

In case of hard uphill path, fork leg damping can be increased for improved behavior.
Position the knob (ref. 1) on the top of the LH fork leg to the 'LOCKED' position to lock the rebound.
This can be done to decrease the fork height, which will steepen the geometry of the bike and stiffen the compression of the fork.
Reposition the knob to its original position to unlock the rebound and the fork will rebound as normal.

WARNING: Do not position the ECC knob to the 'LOCKED' position while riding down- hill because the available travel might not be enough, thus jeopardizing the rider's safety.

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