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Hey guys, I have the 2000 Enduro Sport, I bought it new years ago, but now it is just sitting in the garage doing nothing so i thought i would try to breath some new life back into it and make it a back-up bike for when my main bike is out of service.

It came with the coil vanilla shock and i am wanting to upgrade to an air shock, does anyone happen to know the eye-to-eye measurement and stroke length that i would need for this bike? I called Specialized, but they said they don't keep records on their bikes that far back.

here is a pic of the bike (not the actual one) i have...sorry the pic is so small, it was the only one i could find on the internet.


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I am not sure what the eye to eye length is on your shock, but I bet a quick search on google would get the info you need.

I almost bought one of those, but ended up with a Trek Fuel 90 Disc instead.

Just a warning, that bike is the essence of everything not VRC. You are gonna get ripped on pretty hard by this motley crew!

According to this link:

all the 2000 enduro's had a Fox Float shock, not a coil Vanilla.

This may help too:

Good luck, and don't take it hard when you get pummeled:thumbsup: !

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