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I'm the second owner of a 2000 Klein Adroit Pro and have a question about the headset type. All specs sheets and service manuals that I could find indicate that the Adroit has an MC3 headset where the upper bearing is inserted from the bottom and does not use a starnut to preload the fork in the headset.

However, my Adroit has a 1-1/4" steerer Manitou Mars CL and uses a starnut and cap kinda like an Aheadset. Is this what is termed a MC3.1 where the upper bearing is pressfit from the top (not bottom)?

I ask because the Mars fork may be dead and I'm looking to replace with a Reset Racing headset and need to now if it's a MC3 or MC3.1.

Does anyone know of any Adroit variation like I'm referring to? How could I tell by looking at the headset/headtube whether the upper bearing goes in from the top or bottom?

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