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ok so my khs xc504 weighs about 31 pounds with my current setup. with bottle cage, pump and dirt it's around 32 right now, but whatever.

the question being: if i were to spend 200 dollars, how could i cut the most weight?

these are all claimed weights, but they'll give you a ballpark estimate.

forte pro sl saddle ... 210 grams
kore lite riser bar ... 215
truvativ fived crank ... 810
Sun CR18 rims ... 440 x2
IRC mythos 1.95 ... ~1020 total
Deore F derail. ... 128
R derail. ... 300
Seatpost ... 330 (350mm length, 27.2mm diameter)
Grips ... ~90
Kore Lite 2 Stem ... 220
Generic BB ... 300



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Some real good ones would be a lighter bb some foam grips, a pazzaz or sette (or syntace if you want to spend more) stem, and some lighter bars (raceface air alloy are really cheap and relatively light as well as scott lfx's that are on ebay pretty often). That there could save you 300g or so.
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