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Had quite a nice endo at City Park in Austin Yesterday. I think my front fork (Fox TALAS) is too light on the PSI and was wondering what ya'll run. When I got fitted for my new bike they let out some air. Now it seems its too plush or easy to compress.
Did a decent drop and the full compression and my rookie ass not being back far enough behind the saddle I got thrown.

Here's my fork going fully compressed on a climb? Canthat be right

and then

Seann even made a comment on how my fork ate it.
That can't be right, can it???

Guess what came next? :endo:

Need to check the PSI!!

I know I wasn't back far enough in the seat, that was OBVIOUS, but my fork didn't help.

2nd Questions: Protective gear.

I'll go back to CP but only with protective gear.
What do you guys where if anything?
Whatcha think about these?
Anyone have any recommendations on shin guards?
Found these and they look promising....Roaches on Beyond Bikes

and the interior of the DH ones (but I bet they don't pedal as nice as the FR)

Thanks for your "bigger" input as to what works and doesn't.

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2ed forget about the mesh backing right away....But even the freeride pads are a littlle bulky for pedaling. Don't get me wrong. I would never buy a different set of pads. Those pads stay in place when you fall.

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