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Hopefully one of you edgeperts will know what is going on...

the first issue is with the City Navigator Map. On Mygarmin page it shows that it unlocked but on the unit there is no added detail. The unit is set to show "MOST" detail but still it is very basic and the same it looked prior to unlocking the maps. I bought the DVD version. When I connect the 705 it shows a city nav.mkpg file and the contents are 1.1 GB but it still seem that it's not using the data.

second issue is that when I go to Where To?>Find Places it only shows favorites and Cities (theres only a handfull of local city's in there) and there is not Addresses like the manual states so ican never enter an address and use the unit to take me there.

I have updated to the newest firmware. I can't figure it out and I want to smash the thing into 5 billion peices.

also, it infuriates me to ahve to adjust the display backlight every time I turn the thing on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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