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Global Biorhythm events is giving away two free entry's into the Tahoe Sierra 100 to one male and one female rider that can write in the best MTB ride story. It must have all the makings of a moive.
I am looking for all the goodies. Pain, Blood, no water for days, bad crashes, love, the best veiws, best friends, lovers, best ride, got drunk smack down fight with a bear, lost my wife, lost my best friend my dog story.
I love people that can tell a story.Give me 90% truth and 10% bulls#@t.The story deadline is Juy 26th and keep it under 1500 words. Please go to and go to the contact or post it here for all to read!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: .write on!!
Oh ya, make sure you are up to riding a 100 miles with 14,000ft of climbing?
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