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-2 angle set headset and bc height

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I installed a - 2 degree angle set headset on my 2021 Capra pro al
and have the flip chip in the high position and added 10mm front travel in front

my question is did my bb drop from stock height with with the flip chip in the low settings at 65 degree head angle With all these attributing factors to also increase bb height?

I felt like I was hitting the chainring on the bottom a lot which I never did I also am undersprung in front and slowing down rebound helped alot.
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I use his website quite a bit to answer questions like the one you are asking. Plug the geo from your bike in and see what you end up with. Bike Geometry Calculator - MAD SCIENTIST MTB - Bike Geometry Calculators
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Negative angleset drops the bb. Increasing travel raises the bb. For the flip chip's effect check the mfr's website.
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