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2.7 Nevegal DH actual width?

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Or if it'll fit in a Z1...

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i have a 2.7 Kenda Nevagal on the rear of my banshee, i just actually threw it on a couple days ago cause i got sick of pinch flatting my skinny lil 2.35. ummmm it's big for a 2.7 i had to move the dropouts all the way back on my banshee to fit the fat pig tire without rubs *frame is said to hold a 2.8* i'd say the tire is a 2.8 as there is no way in hell i could go up a size in tire width sorry i guess i'm not much help, you could always check and see if the bike shop would be nice and throw it on for ya to see if it'll work out
Actual width of mine mounted on a Singletrack is 2.7. Not sure what year your Z1 is, but doubt it will fit in an 03-04., if the crowns are the same as a Jr/Super T.
Hey , go for it I run that same tire on my 03 Z1 FR attached to my banshee, They have mad grip and I've yet to flat it... I wouldnt say there is a ton of mud clearence though... shouldnt be a problem...
I have a 2.5 Nevegal on the Mavic XC 3.1 rims

and it is frigging huge like a 2.65. I would say a 2.5 should be good. They are like twice as big as skinny ass maxxis tires. Oh and they work great too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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