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Stock 2021 Giant Trance 29 3: Deore, Bomber Z2
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Hi All,

Thinking my Trance 29 3 shipped with the listed AM 30mm rims, I bought a 2.5 Assegai for the front for when the 2.3 DHF is done or moves back to replace the 2.3 Aggressor.

Through reading, and then inspection, I’ve learned that my bike shipped with 25 mm XCT rims. Not exactly a comparable substitute if you ask me, but I’m no expert…

Will the 2.5 work OK or will it be squirmy?

If not, does anybody have any recommendations for a 30mm front replacement that is similar cost/quality?
Giant doesn’t seem to sell or currently stock the AM or I’d consider that.

high pivot witchcraft
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I wouldn't be happy with the substitute.

That said, between a 2.5 DHF and a 2.5 Assegai, the Assegai is MUCH better on my 27mm Insiders, than a 2.5 DHF, which is awesome on my 30mm Agents but seems to have noticeable "intermediate lean washing out" on the Insiders.

I would go HARD after Giant for a wider rim. If that fails, I would try the Assegai on the 25.
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