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Can't decide

I ride aggressively in loose to loose over hardpack conditions. Leaves, pine needles, loose turf, roots, sand, with sections of hardpack.

These tires are for my AM trail bike 5" travel. I ride mostly XC but am aggressive on the downhills and enjoy airing the bike when I can.

200 pound rider

I currently have Mutano Raptors which I feel are to low of tread to grip aggressively. Mud or loose corners sends me sliding. I do like the tires low rolling and weight. Though I have never been able to put enough trust into them to really enter or exit corners like I want. My buddy on 2.4 MK's leaves me in the dust.

Does the RQ sound like a tire I would like? Are 2.2 RQ's going to be comparable in girth to my Mutano 2.4's or MK 2.4s? Anybody have a comparison shot?

Should I go with a RQ 2.2 Kevlar or a RQ 2.2 UST?

I have No tubes ZTR flow rims which I have always used tubes. Would a UST version be worth the 200 some gram weight penalty if I mount them tubeless? I've gotten 2 flats in the past year. However, when I vacation to Moab, or any other place with rocks I have pinch flat issues and eat through tubes almost by the hour. It just can't decide its like a teeter toter in my head. On one hand I say bah I rarely get flats on local trails and tubeless is messy and heavier. On the other hand I say possibly tubeless is worth the additional weight and rides much better and is a new horizon which I have never explored. I'd ask my buddy his opinion but he is a severe weigh wienie and I already know what his thoughts would be.
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