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1X9 question about chain retention and truvativ shiftguide

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Would the truvativ shiftguide be enough to keep the chain on by itself without a front derailleur or any other chain retention devices? I am running into a few issues on an mkIII, and was wondering if this would be an affordable option. TIA.
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you need a bash guard also to "sandwich" your chain rings between the shift guide.

though the shift guide is for dual ring setups just so you know. the box guide for single ring setup.

what's affordable to you? e.13 has some affordable options.
affordable is what i can snake out of the dumpster lol.

I was hoping to find somthing for around 30 dollars, and I realize just what that wont buy me in the world of chain retention. Right now I'm using kind of a makeshift ngear type thing made mostly out of the mounting parts for a front derailleur that mounts off of the bottom bracket, and thats working for now, but before this fall I would like to sort out a more permanent/durable solution. Thanks for the info brillantesdv, I just had never seen one before, and unreal cycles has a pretty good deal going on right now for em.

Mainly what I'm worried about is the chain still being able to hop off to the inboard side when the going gets gnarly because I will be running it without a front derailleur still, and I couldn't tell from the picture where exactly the plastic "guide" type piece actually would end up sitting. No one would have a closeup of a truvativ shiftguide mounted on their/a bike they wanted to post up here would they? especially without a front derailleur?
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more than likely the chain will get sucked into the inboard side because the shift guide is made for DUAL ring setups. so there is extra space for that granny gear.

look for a SINGLE ring guide. if your gonna do it, do it right. dont do it cheap and wrong. you'll just spend more money later.
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