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1x9 m952 crank with new hollowtech II bb?

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I'm thinking of going 1x9 with my m952 crank.

I would like to have a new and longer bb to "center" my bb and have better crank arm clearance.

Can i replace my current bb and use the new xt or xtr bottom bracket (hollow tech II)?

My frame has a 68mm bb shell.

My plan is to keep the crankarms and rings, fit a new BB and run a chain retainer (mrp 1.x)

My concern is that my crankarms and rings will be not compatible with the new BB.

Also in the future, i plan to upgrade the 32t ring to a new 36t ring. Can they all work together?
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NO...the M952 is a Octalink V1 crankset, it is not compatible with hollowtech II bottom brackets. You can use Shimano Road BB's with the M952, so you have a 118.5mm option (68mm shell only) along with the two XTR widths.
Sorry to bump this old thread, but I'm having a really hard time figuring out what I need.

I've got an XTR BB that is 112.5mm wide. I need to go wider. I'll probably jump right to the 118.5 Road bottom bracket. Which one(s) will work? How do I know what BB's accommodate and Octalink V1? A link, or part numbers would be hugely helpful.
All road Octalink BB's (Dura Ace, Ultegra, 105) are V1, Only XTR Mountain BB's were V1...all others are V2
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