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1x9 Conversion Input

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Hey ya'll, maybe somebody can give me some insight here...I'm interested in converting my bike to a 1x9. Anybody have experience doing so...likes/dislikes? Suggestions and input would be appreciated!
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Tons of us have done it. The easiest way to do it is to remove all the rings and add a Single Speed Middle Ring of your choice. You will need spacers or SS chain ring bolts to make this work. You can also leave your original middle ring, and add a bash guard in place of your big ring and some kind of a jump stop to prevent the chain from jumping off.
I find leaving the front derailleur in place and locked in position helps keep the chain on, you can even raise it on the seat tube to better keep the chain from falling. Don't forget you can take some links out which helps tighten the chain also. I find conventional ramped and pinned front sprockets quieter at the extreme ends of the cassette although you can use either one.
Very cool, I'm going to look around and see what I can do.
There is a thread with tons of pictures of people's 1X9 conversions. Do a search for it and you will see all the possible conversions. I run 1X9 and like it a lot.
You should factor in the gearing you want when going 1x9.

I chose a dedicated single speed crank with a 32 chainring which gives me a high of 69 gear inches with a 12 tooth and a low 26 gear inches with the 32. I like this setup as I found that I don't use a lot of the gears on a regular triple chainring crank.

I removed the front derailleur and I haven't experienced a dropped chain yet, but I adjusted the chain length and don't do any jumping other than bunny hoping.
Awesome, thanks for your input guys.
i went the route of just leaving the middle chain ring of my oem crank...i rode it by itself for a while with a shortened chain and dropped every couple i have a ngear jump stop and bbg bashguard and it has helped out alot..though i still have a few drops every ride...

i highly recomend trying makes you alot faster by not giving you the option of dropping into the granny ring..also you lose a little weight..
Did it on my old HiFi and loved it, it was simple and clean, saved weight too.
Yeah, dropping the chain is what I'm afraid of. Most of the terrain in NEPA is pretty sketchy too... If I run a jump stop, will I have a lot of chain rub?
no..ngear jumpstops are very adjustable and i dont rub at all...with my bash and jumpstop i only drop it ever once in a while but when i do its a lot of trouble to get it out...its got me real worried about this upcoming racing season
I'm a third of the way there. I took my big ring off years ago, threw on a bashguard. Never used the ring anyway. Set up everything so it would only shift to two rings, and ran with it. I rarely use the small ring, though, so I may get a spacer and take that off as well. Dunno. I'm not as young as I used to be, that small ring might be handy.
My wife has been running 1x9 for two years with no issues. Raceface EvolveXC 32-tooth + XT 9 out back. No issues at all. No N-stop devices or front guides.

I was so impressed with it that I am doing the same. Tonight I am tossing on a Truvativ Stylo 1.1.
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