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Hi all.

First post.
My name is Chuck, I currently live in Houston and I am moving to the Marshall Islands for the next two to three years. My only mode of transportation will be my bike.

Bikes don't do well in the Marshall <Kwajalein> Islands; especially anything steel framed, or steel parts. They become rust buckets in no time due to the heavy salt content in the air, very corrosive.

i attached a pic of someone elses bike, supposedly 6 months old.

I have kicked around the idea of just buying an available "junker" cruiser bike on the island, and rolling it till the wheels froze up.

I thought of getting a Trek single speed, like a soho or district.

3rd option is to transform my trek 2003 8500 into a single speed, and swap out as many parts for titanium/SS/AL as possible.

I like the 3rd option, as I have owned by bike for some years, and I am used to it. End of the day, if I totally trash it in three years, its not too much heartbreak financially, and I am sure there's some parts I could salvage for a new build when I get back, with fat pockets

Here is my build wish list so far:

Race Face Ride XC 175mm Single Speed Mountain Bike Crankset, 32T
Shimano XTR V-Brakes(Existing)
Rolf wheels (Existing)
Chris King Headset (Existing)
Easton MonkeyLite® Carbon Fiber Riser Bar, Existing
Chris King Cog, 18 tooth, Aluminum
Origin 8 Torq-Lite Single Speed Chain tensioner
Manitou shocks (Existing- cant remember type)
Seat post, undecided
Saddle, undecided

any input or suggestions are appreciated on what I have listed above, and if you have any good input on keeping my ride on the road.

Hope this doesn't get washed down to the bottom of the list.


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