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1999 Stinky Deelux

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I'm new to this thread ( the post your Kona section doesnt work, so I'll post this here.)
Its a new yet old Stinky Deelux that I purchased from Cambriabike. The frame is
an oldie but was new-in-box. I added a 2011 Fox Van R and most of the stuff
hanging on the frame is fairly new except for the brakes.

I love these old Konas and although only has 5"'s of travel, its still a great bike.
The head tube is steeper than my other Stinkys so one has to keep on your toes
or else you may go OTB.

I highly suggest building up one if you like retro rides, Cambria has a bunch of them
still left. I reckon they bought out Kona's over-stock warrantee frames. For me its like
I got to be in a time machine buying a bike I could never afford back then!


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Looks good! I like the red / green colors.
I have a fondness for Kona's of that era. I had a 2001 Caldera until a couple of years ago when the head tube went south on me (cracked). All of the components were in pretty good shape. I lucked out and found a slightly older Kona frame on ebay, transferred the components and came up with this:


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thats a nice Hei Hei, looks new. Good find. :thumbsup: But for the rest of you retro people, has a bunch of new-old frames at good prices. The guy at Cambriabike
told me on the phone that they are still under warranty as well.

As for retro Konas, I kinda think they look better than the new ones and the ride as well can be expected for 10 plus old frames.
The only difference is the headtube angles which are a tad steeper than new ones.
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