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Hey everyone, I was just wondering how much you think i could get for my 99' GT. I've had it since...around 2003 or 4. Bout it for about 300 bucks. It was all stock and I was riding it on a regular basis till about 2005.

Its pretty much that bike minus some newer parts I had put on it. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

I'm trying to sell it, for some extra cash right now, I hate doing it...but gotta pay the bills.

Most everything is stock on the bike, the HeadSet is like a specialized all mountain one off an old Enduro. I also have the same handle bars from the Enduro. So everything is a little closer to ya. Only the other thing I can think of that isn't stock is the 2005 Marzocchi MX pro with Eta I put on it. Dropped around 300 or 400 bucks for it.

Lemme know what you guys think,

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