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I can`t find any information on this bike. Specialized`s web site does not have the specifications for older models.
The huge mtbr product review page is a jumble of different models.
I see no other discussion on this bike.
Origional BB spindle length? chainline? Seatpost size? Frame weight?
The reviews from 1997 and 8 are great,
I pulled off a {not origional???} 107mm BB. How common is that 107 spindle with 113 being standard today.
The S-works crankarms are narrow and might accomadate the 107.
Allowing a better Q factor?
Just bought an FSA team carbon crankset isis ,Am Classic BBw/2sets of bearings.
The wider crankarms arms might need the 113mm spindle to clear the chainstay?

$350 and save 265grams on the crankset/bb upgrade from the un72/ 97sworks crankset.
Or upgrade my 04 stumpy and replace m752{my origional plan}.or sell it on ebay and go xtr?
Q value versus weight on the hardtail?Thanks

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A little help

Try I think for older specialized catalogs, its a german site, use it only with good antivirus software. The spindle length is determined more by cranks than frame, occaisonally you have to go longer to clear the inner chainring and chainstay, but on my older frames I use 113mm BB without a problem. Seatpost is a 27.2 or 30.9, I don't remember the year it changed. XTR stuff is nice, light, and shifts the best but way too pricy. Don't go crazy on lightweight, just do rotating stuff. The FSA/ISIS combo will be a lot stiffer though. Buy what you really want the first time but $350 is a lot for a half pound.
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