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1996 or 97 Voodoo Bizango

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Is my Voodoo Bizango considered vintage? Its made of ultralight tange NOT 853 and also has ritchey drop outs. Color or orange. This bike was built before voodoo started using reynolds 853 materials.
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Maybe not vintage, but I would definitely say classic. That's a really nice frame. Rides very smoothly. I converted a '96 into an SS after the brake post was snapped off the frame. Repaired the frame and replaced the dropouts with horizontal ones. Clear coat rather than repaint.

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Lets see some pics. I always loved the Voodoo's...
I love my Bizango I have the first year model Tange tubing, no headbadge but a sticker. Really its my grab and go bike. The only gripe is I have to deflate tire to install and remove to get it past the brakes. Upchuck, thats a really nice conversion you got there.
I've had an orange 853 Bizango frameset with Ritchey drops and cast head badge for a while, now. Not sure the vintage (but would like some hints). Just trying to muster the energy to build it up. I've just always liked the way they look.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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