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I just finished the over haul of th following

: New shimano v-brake setup $120 Bike Barn

: Repacked the berrings $20

:Roll-ex 26x2.0 tire & Tube $40

Here is the story after 5 years of sitting on the shelf I decided that it was time to loose some weight. I started riding then it happened my derailleur wouldn't engage so Itake it in to Bake barn in copper field the tech tells me I should buy a new bike instead of repair he further added that he would give me a $85 credit for new bike hmmm no I don't have $600 to spare. I took the lesser of two evils and insisted that he give other options so to make a long story short I got v-brakes. He wanted to charge me well over $130 to repack to bearings so I go three of my good buddies to help me, my self, and I. This has been a good old bike when I got this bike in 1995 it cost $550.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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