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First post, I recently bought a what looks like a DB aluminium frames, cr Mo fork 26" mountain bike, the front hub has a 9/95 date the bike was in very good condition but the frame had a lot of oxidation over it, as I'm not familiar with these bikes I had a good look and realised this is a work of art, the brakes are well engineered and use machined aluminium plates not cast, all the cable routings are well designed, the parts fitted as I bought it are:
Araya 26x1.50 HE GP-710, the rear hub is Alivio FH-MC12, front just says Sovos, rear 7speed, front 3 speed SR XR 350 (24-34-42) 175mm cranks, Alivio front and rear derailleurs, what is unusual is the frame has never been painted, making it easy to polish...if anyone has any information on this bike would be greatly appreciated.

Yes it has a near new sprung seat that looks totally weird for this bike, I bound this from an old guy for $60 AU bucks which I thought was a bargain😀
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