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Hi Guys,

I hear a lot of talk about Bridgestone MB1s and Fat Cities, but I haven't heard much about the old s-works bikes. Here are some mostly pointless jumbled ramblings about my classic, retro, vintage Specialized.

I have a 1991 or 1992 18" Dark Green Specialized S-Works Steel. The frame has a 1" headtube and is made of "quad-butted" Prestige Ultimate Ultra-Light tubing (IIRC?). It came with a full Suntour XC Pro Microdrive group.

Over the years, I threw away parts that wore out or performed poorly: seatpost, rear hub (replaced with another Suntour), brakes/levers, front derailluer, s-works pedals. I trashed the original WTB(?) headset which buggered the threads on the rigid "direct drive" unicrown fork. I replaced the fork with a Funk 1.5" travel elastomer shock which I threw away in 1994 (dangit, I should've kept the Funk, though a poor performer, it was a museum piece of early CNC suspension work!) I installed a Rock Shox Judy w/ Risse GEM cartridge and White Brothers coil springs. The upgraded Judy has performed flawlessly and still compares decently against mainstream forks today.

I even have chi-chi Topline Microdrive cranks on it, with Suntour's 56mm inner chainring spacing instead of Shimano's Compact 58mm.

It has taken quite a beating in Moab and all over Colorado, most recently in Crested Butte when my full-suspension bike was at the shop getting the frame replaced. I had no problem keeping up with the modern bikes except on the huge descents on 401/403 and Monarch Crest. My hands cramped up from the relatively crappy stock cantilever brakes (Diacompe SS7 levers / 287? brakes). I pitched those in a fit of pique, replacing them with the far superior Avid Arch-Rival's.

I probably should've kept everything to be able to restore it someday.

So, is there anyone else out there with an s-works steel or anyone who knows some additional details, history or stories about these bikes?

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try searching forum. there was a s-works steel thread on there a while back.
I had the same green s-works frameset from 92 to 95 when I got my 1st FAT. I give that bike some mega abuse :)



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I have a '93

I have one on these from '93. The seriel number starts with the year of production.

Unfortunately, it is wasy too small for me now. My nephew raced cross on it with some 1.5 tires.

A very sweet riding frame, but the top tubes are mega short!
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