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1990 Klein Rascal Dropouts?

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i'd like to build up a fixed gear commuter bike...i used to have a klein rascal, i think it was a '90 (maybe a '91). does anyone recall what those dropouts were like? could I convert it to a fixed gear? (i gave the bike away-stupid-but i would get it back if i could convert it to a fixed gear.) if the dropouts were vertical, would that be an insurmountable obstacle?

thanks!!! :)
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I think all Rascal dropouts were the rear-facing horizontal kind that should work fine for SS/fixed gear use. They didn't switch to the funny rearward-semi-vertical dropouts until like 1995 or something. I have a Rascal that I use as a singlespeed and it works fine. The only thing is that the slot isn't as long as a true track dropout -- there's only about an inch of adjustment.

The only (easy) way to make a fixed gear out of a vertical-dropout frame is to use an eccentric hub. I think there's only one kind of eccentric hub out there -- White Industries makes it.
thank you!

you're super swell!!
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