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1988 Team Fat with a box crown fork. The guy who ordered the frame wanted everyone in the shop to sign the bike. We've been able to track down many of the folks who signed the bike but not quite all of them.

More details @ on the work-in-progress MOMBAT web site.


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I forgot to include the list of names:

C. Chance: head man, Fat City
Scott Bengtson: Welder
Hoss Rogers: Painter
Bob Fulk: Racer
HLW III: (Harry Wallis) frame finisher, facing and prep
Daniel E. Denmen: Master machinist
Alison Kuby: Shipping
Mike Pappaconstantine: creator of the "Yo Eddy" art work/racer
Matt Nemko: ?
Bill Keating: Welder
Ron Andrews: racer
Rage Bunker: possible alias for Lloyd Graves
Clam Blake: possible alias for Dave Blakeny
Arthur Laurance: Racer
Reggie (Jackson): frame builder
Christopher Igleheart: frame builder
Eric Krauter: final assembly
Wendyll Behrend: then wife of Chris Chance

Fat City Michael
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Hey Jeff,

That's awesome!

Dave Blakeny's last name is actually spelled: "Blakney". I once e-mailed with him back in 2003 when he was running his own frame building shop making Trials/DH frames under the "Goat Bikes" name and he told me the he actually took over the box crown fork production at Fat City after Chris Igleheart left, so he probably made the fork on your bike.
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