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1985/86 MCR Descender rear suspension bike

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Most people think of rear suspension bikes as being a mid 1990's invention but here is one from a full decade earlier......even 5 years before the first commercially available front suspension forks! There was an early school of thought that believed rear suspension was more important than front suspension. The front of the bike could be steered around or lifted over trail obstacles while the rear hit everything. Mountain Cross Racing was one of the earlier companies to produce these rear suspension bikes starting in 1984. It appears as if the bikes were produced into 1987 with minimal differences.

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is the shock pivot "thru" the seattube or attached to braze ons? thanx..

how's it ride?
Wow. 16 pound frame. How much travel?
colker1 said:
how does it climb?:D
Pretty sure there is a reason it was called the 'descender'
Williwoods said:
Cycle Pro Fork...

Cool Skinner rig.
Cycle Pro or SE Landing Gear fork? The SE fork was listed as the stock fork.
First Flight said:
Cycle Pro or SE Landing Gear fork? The SE fork was listed as the stock fork.
You are correct. Landing gear would have been the stock fork....but that is a Cycle Pro Fork. Main difference was that the LG forks had a huge diameter 1 1/4? whereas the CP fork used a much smaller diameter.

Also LG forks from that era would have had a sideways 'bologna' cut at the bottom of the legs. (for reference see my OM Flyer in the cruiser thread)...then the holed dropouts...LG forks from this era in that size (26") always had a solid dropout.

now interestingly enough....Scot Breithaupt the founder of SE racing designed both the CP and the LG forks. the CP was designed and available before the LG was btw.

Scot had a hand in the design of many of the early CP frames and forks...
Isn't there a picture of that bike in MBA #1 that you could use as a reference?

A guy in the Butte had one of those that I saw once in awhile and it was a porker for sure.

Now you need to find a Bushido!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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