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16th Annual 24 Hours of Allamuchy

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sup mtb peeps?

anyone on this forum doing '16th Annual 24 Hours of Allamuchy'???

is the race on north side of 80?

its too bad its on private land, is the terrain similair to deer park section?

was thinking about submitting another mtb club ride, but since last time, only one person showed, i was thinking if i bill it as a race prep ride, some one might show

up in ny, there races at 909 (taconic) and walnut mtn (liberty), i am lucky if i get one person instate, or even accross the county line

have a good summer

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yes the race takes place on Allamuchy North.
Much rougher than Deer Park...
thanks for the post back

back in the day the 24 hr central park ride had people ride in afternoon, then come back next morning.

is it possible to get in and out of the scout camp, or is it no 're entry' deal?

between race pick-up friday, the mandatory 11 am saturday meeting, and the sunday noon finish, it almost seems closer to 72 hours. probably not the best event for someone just finishing there 1st year of mtb (bought my yukon fx august of 08)
24 Hoa

We will be there again! Keep in mind only a small portion of the course is actually on the BSA property, most is in the north section of Allamuchy SP.

As someone is much diff than Deer Park. :thumbsup:
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