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160mm travel fork on El Ciclon?

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Have come to the conclusion that 140mm is not quite enough fork for the El Ciclon (well, for me.) I ran a 140mm Pike U-turn on a 2004 X-5 for a couple of years and the travel/fork length seemed spot on for that frame (which actually was designed for a shorter travel fork.) However, on the El C, a 140mm travel fork (I now have a Revelation u-turn) seems too short - I feel like I want to go OTB on downhills that used to feel fine on the X-5 with the same length travel fork.

So, considering getting a longer (adjustable) travel fork - either a TALAS 36 or the Zoke 55 ATA. Anybody else go this route?
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I love/hate to be a SRAM fanboi, but what the helll...

why not get a Lyrik U-T? Don't like coil?
I've used a Lyrik UT from the beginning. Love it. If you want it lower, just turn the dial. . .
09 fox 36 talas on mine is excellent!
130 setting for flats/climbing is nice, and 160 for descending feels good, though it does make the bb a little high for my liking, but not by much.
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