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160mm To 180mm On Stock Domain For A 2010 Sx Trail?

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Been searching the forums for a while and have picked up a few threads with a similar question but I am still left confused.....Is there a zero stack headset available to work with the stock tapered steerer domain to compensate for the additional 20mm in axle to crown height once I extend the travel on the fork?

Thanks for the help guys, I have a learned alot from all the threads!
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I'd like to know the same thing. Picked up a 2010 over the weekend and I'd love to run 180 up front, the rear is 170mm if I recall correctly.
you can't run flush headset with the stock steerer tube. try a flat handle bar, take out all spacers and the front will get down.
You can run a zero stack upper cup to save you about 8-10mm of stack height
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