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140mm rotor, how?

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Currently building up a new HT for some local XC race. Ordered a Cannondale F4000SL optimo frame with the SI crank.

Using Juicy 7 brake came off from my SC blur, really nice stoppers, won't ditch them for the weight, the extra weight is worth it.

I am looking for a build that's as light as possible, so I would like to run some 140mm disc rotor instead of 160mm, as the stopping power of the Juicy is more than enough.

But, how about the adaptors for the caplier? Does Avid made those for 140mm? Have anyone tried to run 140mm rotors with Juicy 7?
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I've been told that you can use an Avid 6" front caliper adapter on the rear to make 140mm work.

I just bought a 140mm Hope rotor and am about to try this on my urban bike (with an Avid mech brake). I will let you know how it works.

-rob in NY
Yes. Run the front frame adapter in the back. This works for most all brakes best I can tell. I have 3 bikes setup with 140mm rears. Hayes, formula, and Avids. With brakes like Martas, you can run the front brake assem in the rear for a 140mm setup, but you'll need a longer hose then what comes with a front(your buying 2 front systems).

Its more then strong enough for rear duty. This includes about the same modulation for the most part, albiet abit softer. The only issue maybe, is at race pace while doing longer descents(say Pisgah style stuff like -2000'+), the smaller mass 140mm heats up quicker with all its trappings of such. Meaning maybe glazing, fading, sqealing, etc somewhat sooner and abit more, then a 160mm might otherwise do. I've found it no problem tho, being very manageable. I use a Stans alum 160mm front with a steel rear for race only..if its not muddy.
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